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Metacards Smart Wallet...

In the past, only humans could create a wallet. But now, with the power of NFTs and Metacards, your digital assets can create their own wallets. Thanks to ERC-6551, each NFT and Metacard now has its own dedicated wallet, This opens up exciting possibilities in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols like entering Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and other defi protocols as your NFT, maybe changing your traits/attributes of your online character to send on a quest in the metaverse to conduct business' create a transaction history, reputation, shared experience with your NFT 
 Becoming more than just a static image; it becomes a programmable piece, capable of having its own NPC (network playable character) accounts to bank, vote on governance, and contribute to the growth of the metaverse or become that degen trader, as your own nft is your new identity of Minions now.

Your NFT is now your new identity, and it goes beyond being just a JPEG. 
You can use it to send messages directly to favorited community NFTs, creating quick and efficient communication channels. No more tedious searching methods. 

You can check your new Metacard/NFT wallet address to see if we've airdropped any new tokens for you. Simply visit or use your nft url to explore the possibilities and discover the full potential of your NFTs in this new era.

With the ERC-6551 token bound accounts, zkFarmers extends the staking benefits beyond ZKB tokens. By staking your NFTs, you can earn a variety of tokens while simultaneously expanding your MetaCards collection. This innovative feature enhances the value proposition of NFT staking on zkFarmers, creating more opportunities for growth and engagement within the platform.

  • Please note that the availability and types of tokens and MetaCards for rewards may vary based on the staking program and partnerships established by zkFarmers. The specific rewards and collections are subject to the dynamics of the ecosystem and can provide a dynamic and rewarding experience for NFT stakers.

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