🍃Bud Leaf Meta Cards

Bud Leaf (zkFarmers)

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OR https://mint.launchifi.xyz/collections/0xbB3b8317FbC8010549526fCB53A39E28Fa8d6423?chain=56#top

BuD Leaf Collection Description

The Bud Leaf Metacard, It's a gift from zkFarmers, a symbol of our commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. META artists believe in the power of collective cultivation, and through this collection, they invite you to join them on a journey to mine zkBud Tokens and help cultivate the Farmverse.

With every Bud Leaf META in your possession, you become part of a growing family of like-minded individuals, united by the passion for exploration and the spirit of giving.

A symbol of our gratitude, we offer this collection for free under terms and conditions to our valued members, a token of appreciation for their support and dedication, and a gateway to thrilling games and rewards...

So, grab your Bud Leaf Metacard, buckle up for an exhilarating adventure, and let the vibes of giving and cultivation guide you on this extraordinary journey to mine zkBud Tokens.

BuD Leaf Metadata Description

Bud Leaf NFT, is the gateway to immersive engagement and exciting rewards! Embrace the thrill of winning BIG using NFTs on a digital slot machine to farm zkBud Tokens and explore a variety of captivating games. This exclusive NFT is a gift from zkFarmers, offering a web3 gamified experience for not only our cannabis enthusiasts but for everyone. Get ready to play, win, and join a vibrant community of Bud Leaf holders today!

What chain to get these digital metacards?.

-You can swap cryptocurrency for metacards by connecting to binance smart chain. -Users can swap easily from other chains using multichain bridges. -Only visit official links to swap for a metacard at our official Twitter handle @zkFarmers_io & @zkBudFarmers

Whats the price and catch?

The price of the digital product is paying smart contract fee in BNB tokens. The project ensures transparency by utilizing a doxxed team and leveraging the blockchain, an open ledger, for accountability and openness.

However, there is a catch. The fees associated with the product contribute to the development of chia farms for farmers and foster the growth of a vibrant and mutually beneficial community. These fees are directed towards a working staff making sure the lights are on and legal endeavors that bring benefits to the community members. Term & conditions: Gas Fee + Contract Fee

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