Playable "MetaCards"

Playable & Highly Valuable Digital Cards.

#FunFact: META refers to the parts of the system, mechanics, and loops a token holder repeats to make progress. Oftentimes, the strategies transcend the rules of the social engagement, mostly derived from player interaction. The phrase "Oftentimes, the strategies transcend the rules of the social engagement" suggests that in certain situations, the strategies employed go beyond or surpass the conventional norms and expectations of social interactions. It implies that unconventional or innovative approaches are used, which may yield unique and successful outcomes that go beyond traditional boundaries.

zkFarmers digital slot machine for NFT collectors and players, designed to provide both entertainment and educational value. These unique digital cards serve as more than just collectibles.

By owning these digital cards, you gain access passes to selected farms across the globe, where you can actively participate in the harvesting of the herbs they offer. Immerse yourself in the hands-on experience of cultivating and nurturing these precious botanical treasures, all while enjoying the thrill of our digital NFT slot machine.

Metacards hold varying values that can fluctuate based on factors such as market conditions, timing, bull and bear seasons, as well as individual buyer and seller preferences. The value of Metacards ranges from free to prices such as $3, $10, $35, $60, $100, $300, and even higher amounts, depending on these factors.

The value of a Metacard can change over time, reflecting the overall market sentiment and demand for these cards. During bullish seasons, when there is increased enthusiasm and optimism in the market, the value of Metacards may rise. Conversely, during bearish seasons, when market sentiment is more cautious or negative, the value of Metacards may decline.

Furthermore, the value of Metacards is ultimately determined by what someone is willing to sell or buy them for. It's a dynamic market where individuals assign value based on their own preferences, perceived benefits, and potential returns from mining ZKB tokens.

Therefore, the specific value of a Metacard can vary widely, ranging from lower-priced options to those priced in the thousands of dollars, depending on market conditions and the unique attributes and demand for each Metacard.

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