Metacard Allocation

zkBud Smoker & All Metacards Allocations


Chia farm mining expenses


Cover necessary expenses for Chia farm mining hardware (Community Liquidity)

DAO wallet (Community Liquidity)


Managed by zkBudSmoker holders for voting on proposals related to cultivating magical herbs (Community Liquidity)

Ongoing development expenses


Investment in building zkFarmers DAO, Farmverse, zkFarmers Marketing Agency, and other Dapps

zkBudSmoker Metacard Sales Allocation

We want to provide transparency regarding the allocation of proceeds from the sales of zkBudSmoker Metacards/NFTs. Here's how the funding will be distributed:

30% of the proceeds will be allocated to cover the necessary expenses for Chia farm mining hardware. This investment is crucial as it enables wrapping the parcel coin with the value of a liquid treasury. It ensures that Chia Farming effectively supports farmers in their marketing efforts for herbal health awareness, providing the intended benefits for active farmers.

50% of the funding will be managed by the DAO wallet, also known as Community Liquidity. This wallet is controlled by zkBudSmoker holders who have the power to vote on proposals related to cultivating magical herbs, including the use case of magic mushrooms, expanding chia hard-drive mining farms, and promoting responsible herb use for healing the human body and mind. As a zkBudSmoker holder, you play a vital role in shaping the future of zkFarmers and our mission to showcase the healing powers of herbs. 10% of the funding is locked in compounds over time strategy. This strategy ensures the long-term sustainability and growth of the project. By leveraging defi staking, yield farming with others like EM Futures Trading, Pancakeswap and Uniswap, we generate attractive APY returns that benefit Parcel coin Treasury (LP).

The remaining 10% of the proceeds will cover ongoing development expenses. We have invested in building essential components such as the zkFarmers DAO, Farmverse, zkFarmers Marketing Agency, and CommunityBOB, all developed by qualified blockchain coders. Our primary goal is to foster a growing community and support initiatives that encourage these mystical plants' fair use and cultivation.

As a zkBudSmoker holder, you become a valued member of the zkFarmers community and gain voting power. Each zkBudSmoker grants you a voting power of 0.04% in decisions that shape the FarmVerse and Bud Stores. Your participation and engagement are instrumental in driving the progress and success of our ecosystem.

Please note that 5000 zkBudSmokers will be swapped for 0.115 BNB equivalent to $35 plus the BNB network fee at the time of this writing.

We invite you to join us in this movement as we work together to showcase the healing powers of herbs, contribute to a healthier future, and create a sustainable ecosystem. Your support and active participation will make a meaningful difference. Together, let's shape the future of zkFarmers!

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