Digital Capitalist Society

Your NFT Your Avatar, (Brought to you by “”)

Capitalist Society Game Play

2500 NFTs

10 - Classes

250 NFTs per Class

100 Rare traits per class with attribute multipliers

Capitalist society

Your nft is your avatar, class & key into the cap-soc!

Cap-soc is the zkFarmers online multiverse p2e social gaming experience for degens alike

Developers at zkFarmers cultivating,

A classic battle of factions competing to be ranked among the top 1% in society.

The Cap-Soc world revolves around timed events that affect all players in the game at the same time. These timed events control production, sales, income, banking interest, etc.

Cap-Soc is a round-based game which means at periodic intervals the game is reset. This is especially helpful for new players who are just learning the game because a new round starts up about every 2 months giving them a chance to compete on even footing with the more experienced veteran players.

* Similar to many games, the primary goal in Cap-Soc is to build your character (and if you are in a Faction, to help build your Faction mates)

( Protecting Your Assets! )

One of the biggest challenges to Cap-Soc is not making money, but defending your product, Cash, and assets from other players. Be sure to read the morale section for a full understanding of how morale works in the game. It is the most important element of being safe and prospering in the world of Cap-Soc!

( Player Interaction )

Players interact with each other in many different ways:

  • Buying and Selling from contacts

  • Attacking either contacts or players on your investigated list

  • Working and strategizing with Faction mates

  • Banking with banker contacts

  • faction and Public (also referred to as "Goyem") Chat

* Economy First! As a new player, you have to focus on making money. This means going out and buying yourself a starter kit.

( Joining a faction )

Capitalist Society is absolutely a team game. Each class has its various strengths and weaknesses and when players come together as a team they get the most out of their characters. As a new player, take a look at the Factions that are recruiting and find one that's a good match for your style of play. There are many advantages to being in a Faction but the trick is finding one that matches your personality.

( Classes )


Highly recommended for all new players

This farmer’s upgrades allows him to grow the highest quality of crops in the shortest amount of time and grow the biggest quantity of crops. Making him a excellent option for beginners.


Excels at growing and maintaining a higher crop quality than other players

Has sole access to the best farms in the game.

Corporate Salesman


No other class can move as much product on the streets

Excellent builder class

Can generate more money from sales than other classes

Investment Banker


Excels in keeping money safe.

Safes hold double the amount of money as other classes



Make money from cyber crimes rather than from dealing

Large online income bonuses

Can not own any farms

Are heavily reliant on farmers



Several special offensive abilities

Access to strong product sales teams

Inability to weaken a target before attempting to steal

Ex Military


Cheap Soldiers

Good mix of offensive and defensive upgrades

A strong hitting class


Strongest pure offensive force

Unique ability to hospitalize other players

Corrupt Businessman


Lower upgrade costs

Higher maintenance time payouts

Corrupt Lawyer


Special ability to bail players out of jail

Designed for very active players that can be in-game chat regularly

Dirty Cop


Strong unique attacking upgrades

Access to all special hitting teams

Limited numbers of attacks

( Banking )

Can you keep your cash under your mattress? Sure. But what if you have $25 million in cash? What then? Take it to the bank and make sure it's safe.

Personal Banking

Every class has some personal bank space. Be it a Wall Safe! in your apartment, or a Walk-in Vault! in your Compound? you will be able to protect some of your cash yourself. Unfortunately, there will be times when you have more cash than safe space, and that's when you need a Bank

Investment Banker

The Investment Banker is another player who creates a bank account for you. This account lets you deposit your money in his/her bank.

Banking tips

It's always good to get a few different bankers from the start of the round, cause you never know if your banker is going to have the cash on hand when you need it. Be careful when choosing bankers though because your banker can reset your account at any time, so make sure it is with somebody that you trust.

Generally, Faction bankers are the most trustworthy. They have the added benefit of being able to use your money for Faction purchases. Bankers not in your Faction should be used sparingly, if at all.

Before withdrawing large amounts, always check with the banker first. Bankers work as a funnel for cash for large purchases, and they may be in the middle of pooling cash for someone else. Remember to be considerate, both to the banker and to your fellow Faction mates.


These are the mainstay of the game, all players have the ability to grow and manufacture these from the start via their closet crop and single dealer. They are the basis of the economy and because products dictate morale they are also the biggest factor in your offensive and defensive success.

As you gain items and maybe apply attribute points you'll be able to grow or produce better qualities and in more quantity, beware though the more you grow the more attractive you are to thieves.

Alternatively, you can just wait for others to grow and become one of the said thieves.

Products feature in many ways;

  • You grow them via 7 methods; Closet Crop, Grow Room, Green House, Canadian Farm, Venezuelan Farm, Ecuadorian Farm, and zkFarm .

  • You can buy crops & products from other players, a good salesman makes sure he knows a lot of farmers.

  • You steal them, if it's not bolted down in this game it's fair game.

  • You pay your soldiers and workers with them. This raises morale, obviously the better quality of the products, the better the morale.

  • You can sell them to the game. every hour on :40 a sales cycle runs, and depending on the sales team you have you may be able to sell thousands of products..

Play $ earn

CAPSOC is 1 of many games that will be available in the “Farmverse”. A metaverse created by our Alpha project “zkFarmers”. Who believe in the power of community, and our mission is to showcase the healing herbs that our magical farms have to offer. We want to prioritize your experience. Our team of developers is committed to building projects on “zkSync” and expanding our presence in the metaverse by constantly working to bring new and exciting features to enhance your experience.

What’s zkBudSmoker?

zkSyncBud Smoker is a one-of-a-kind NFT collection that offers a unique way to interact with farmers from all over the world who grow fresh herbs and medicinal plants.

This network allows us to reward players with multiple streams of income via our various tokens $CapCoin and $zkBud.

$CapCoin can be obtained through a number of ways

  • Raids & attacks & faction wars

  • staking at zkFarmers

  • Purchase from in-game vault

  • Gifted from other players

Unlike $CapCoin, $zkBud Token can only be earned from “zkFarmer” farm players, and Factions. These tokens provide players with powerful character upgrades only accessible with $zkBud. Non-zkFarmer holders can still get access to these tokens through DEX’s. $CapCoin can also be exchanged for other exclusive rewards such as raffles, merchandise, and tickets to IRL Events and Meets


Certain characters will have traits that give boosts to your character's attributes which can give you an advantage over other players in your class.

  • Daily production bonus - boosts growth production every grow cycle

  • Product quality bonus - gives a crop quality bonus for specified grow cycles

  • $CapCoin Bonus

  • Faction income bonus

  • Faction atk bonus

  • Faction def bonus

  • 2x Damage bonus

  • 5x damage bonus

  • Attack bonus

  • Defense bonus

  • Guardian angel bonus

  • Soldier attck bonus

  • Soldier defense bonus

  • Morale boost - boosts morale for a specified period

*For example a farmers pitchfork could give you or your faction a daily Production bonus and or grant you or your faction a daily $CapCoin reward$$

Getting started


The first thing you should do in CapSoc is familiarizing yourself with your inventory. You can do this by clicking the "My Inventory" link on the navigation menu. You will see the different amounts and qualities of products in your possession on this screen. As a starting player, your initial products should be set to sell to the public. This means that every hour when the system runs the product-selling process, your character will sell those products and receive money in return

The Ledger

Once you have your inventory understood, you should check out the Ledger page. You can do this by clicking "View Ledger" under the financial tab on the nav menu. This is a very important page and will keep you informed of any changes to your account balance. It will also record productions your farms may have grown or experience you have earned recently. The ledger has a powerful options page, which you can use to customize what kind of items or events you wish to see. Understanding the Ledger screen is an important step in managing your funds efficiently. You should check back on the ledger screen periodically as events in capitalist society happen even if you are not playing.

Buying Items

The next thing you should check out are the various items you can purchase. Click the "Buy Items" link on the left nav menu to be taken to the store's category page. From this page, click the "Defensive" link to continue. On this page, you will see all of the items you can buy that will increase your character's defensive abilities. Click a specific item to bring up the item details and requirements needed to purchase it. On this screen, you will get a better idea of how this item will help you, and what you need to have in order to buy it. Back out to the main category list, and click the "Farming" upgrades. On this page, you will see the various farming items a player can buy. It is important to have a farm running because they can supply your dealers with products to sell to the public. It would be a smart idea to purchase a "Closet Crop" if you don't already have one.

Trading With Players

Eventually you are going to want to buy or sell products with other players. To do this, you will need to "Check the Streets" Click the Check the Streets nav item under the Player Interaction tab. When you are checking the streets you are presented with various ways to contact others. As a new player, you will want to make some new contacts, so click the link that says "View Seller Listings". You should now see a list of players who have products they want to unload. Pick a listing, and click the name of the player for additional details. On the details screen, you will be able to send the player a message or make them a contact. Click the "Add Contact" link to continue.

Fill in a short message for the player, and send the form. When the player approves your contact request, you will receive a message from them, and find their name listed under "My Contacts". To start a trade with the player, go back to "Check the Streets" and click "Browse your Contact's Drugs". This is the main screen where you can see all the products available to you from your contacts. If a seller has set their products to be quickly bought, you can instantly buy products from them by meeting their set price. Otherwise, you may send them an offer on products, which they will have to manually approve or reject. Use the links "Quick Buy" or "Negotiate" to finalize a deal.

Public Sales

Public sales are the easiest way for a new player to make cash. When you are buying products from another player, make sure you would make a profit by selling at this rate. After you have bought some products, check your inventory and make sure they have been set to 'Public Sales'. Public selling occurs every hour, so you should check back after some time has gone by to spend your cash. Public selling also increases your street cred, which allows you to buy better items, like larger groups of public sellers, or farms that would allow you to grow products yourself.


Having adequate soldiers for your rank in the game is important to protect your assets or to steal from your peers. Under the "Hire Staff" link on the nav menu, you will be able to hire Offensive and Defensive soldiers (as well as informants, if you have bought an informant upgrade). As a new player, you should consider investing some money into building up your defensive soldiers. These reduce the chance other players have from successfully stealing from you. Keep in mind Soldiers consume products on a daily basis, and the quality of the products they receive will have a large impact on their effectiveness. If you do not have enough products to cover their usage, they will have very poor morale and fight at half-strength


The housing you live in is very important to your character. It determines how many soldiers you can have, and unlocks many different types of upgrades for purchase. You should try to move out of the projects quickly, as a lot of good upgrades require you to live in at least an apartment.

* zkFarm Parcel owners have all housing upgrades unlocked

Character levels

Each character has the ability to gain experience levels. Different actions gain experience in different categories. When you reach a level in a category, you will receive a message in your system box letting you know what you have achieved. In the game of cap-soc, almost all upgrades you can buy have a level requirement of some sort, which your character must meet before you can purchase the item. Also, each level you gain will be rewarded with a small upgrade to your character's stats. You can browse the level-up bonuses in the store.

*zkfarmer NFT users gain a 1.5x level multiplier and 2x for rare

Wanted levels

Each character has a Wanted Level which is a general indication of how much illegal activity they have performed. Whenever you buy or sell drugs, this value increases. Also, when you attempt to kill or raid another player, this value will increase. Every transaction has a small chance of being busted by the cops, but a high wanted level increases it. Your wanted level will decrease over time based on what Legal Upgrades you have purchased at the store. If you get busted, you will be fined or possibly jailed. Occasionally you will have the option of giving up a contact to reduce your penalty. If you do this you will receive a smaller fine, but you will lose street cred, and probably gain a new enemy.

Busted by the cops

At some point during your career, you will get busted by the police. The best defense against getting busted is having a high-security rating. Also, keeping large amounts of drugs on hand increases your chances of getting busted. It's generally a good idea to find buyers for your drugs in a short time frame. After getting busted you will usually face a fine, or jail time, depending on the severity of the bust. Often you will be given a choice to give up one of your sources for a reduced fine or sentence. Be careful though, most players will not appreciate being given over to the police and may come looking for some payback.


Upgrades are essential to being a successful capitalist. They can range from guns for your guards, to better fertilizer for your crops. Most upgrades can be purchased using cash earned through trading. Some special upgrades can only be purchased with real money. This is basically what pays for hosting, development, and upgrade costs. Buying these special upgrades is totally optional.


When a player accumulates enough wealth, they will be able to develop their own production facilities. These can range from a closet operation to a full-fledged crop field in a foreign country. A player can then purchase upgrades that will increase the quality of their product. Remember, higher-quality drugs sell for more money, so try to get the best stuff available to you.


In cap-soc, you have to know where someone is to attack them. In order to do this you must either have your target as a contact or investigate them through the profile page. If you successfully investigate a player, you will be able to attack them through a link on the "My Contacts" page.


Players have the option of starting or joining a Faction. When this happens, a percentage of their wealth is donated to the faction leader every day. This "tax rate" is set by the current leader. In effect, the leader of the faction should be looking out for his members to make sure his empire stays strong. Keep in mind, the leader of a faction can change. If the faction leader is killed, or a lower-ranking member takes over the top spot in the faction, he will be considered the new leader, and all taxes will go to him. Player rankings in Factions are based on cash on hand, positive street cred, and the sum of their Security and Offensive ratings.


The following NFT burn scheme is designed to foster sustainable price growth within a 5000-piece NFT collection. By implementing a strategic and controlled burning mechanism, we aim to create scarcity and increased demand for the remaining NFTs, thereby driving long-term value appreciation for collectors and investors.

Initial NFT Distribution:

The collection will initially release all 5000 NFTs to the market, ensuring fair distribution and accessibility to a broad range of collectors. The primary focus at this stage is to establish a solid foundation for the collection and build an active community.

Burn Mechanism Activation:

Once a predetermined milestone is reached, such as a certain percentage of NFTs sold or a specific time frame, the burn mechanism will be activated. The burn mechanism involves permanently removing a portion of the NFT supply from circulation, increasing the rarity and scarcity of the remaining tokens.

zkFarmer Burn

Lets say you dont want to be a zkFarmer. Maybe a Banker? In capSoc you can burn your zkFarmers for a different class and enjoy all your ZK upgrades in that class. How it works is 2 zkFarmers, 1000 $CapCoin and 1000 $zkbud need to be burned to transform your NFT.

Burn Impact Communication:

Transparency and clear communication regarding the burn mechanism and its impact will be key. Regular updates will be provided to the community, detailing the number of NFTs burned, the rationale behind the burn decisions, and the expected effects on the collection's scarcity and market dynamics. This transparency will instill confidence and trust among collectors and investors.

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