Community BOB

CommunityBOB "Build On a Block”

CommunityBOB CBOB Staking

Here's how it works:

  1. Staking Community Tokens: Users can stake community tokens such as $MORE Token, XenCrypto Token, Voskcoin community token, and other community-led tokens into the zkFarmers mining pools. These mining pools are designed to facilitate the generation of zkBud through block mining with smart contracts on blockchains.

  2. zkBud Mining Rewards: By staking community tokens, users become eligible to earn zkBud Tokens as mining rewards. The zkBud mining rewards are distributed proportionally to users based on their staked community tokens' contribution to the overall mining pool. The more tokens a user stakes, the greater their share of zkBuds.

  3. Yield Farming Opportunities: In addition to earning zkBud Tokens, users also have the opportunity to engage in yield farming strategies. By staking community tokens in the zkFarmers mining pools, users can simultaneously earn additional rewards, such as trading fees or other tokens offered as incentives within the ecosystem. This creates a dynamic and rewarding environment for token holders.

  4. Community Engagement: The zkFarmers ecosystem actively supports and engages with various communities. By offering the ability to stake their respective community tokens and earn zkBud Tokens, zkFarmers fosters collaboration, participation, and growth within these communities. This not only strengthens the ties between different community projects but also incentivizes community members to actively contribute to the liquidity and success of the ecosystem.

Overall, the dApp function of zkBud Token within zkFarmers provides an innovative and rewarding way for users to mine tokens by staking community tokens in the mining pools.

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