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The extra exciting functionality of the zkBud Token within the zkFarmers decentralized application (dApp). With zkBud Token, users can earn it as rewards for engaging in staking activities by staking any zkFarmers metacard collections or staking various community tokens to earn zkBud token zkBud offers a versatile suite of functionalities within the zkFarmers ecosystem. It allows users to seamlessly swap Parcel coins, a digital asset backed by Chia coin (XCH) obtained from zkFarmersDAO's chia farms. This process involves pairing the Chia coin with treasuries to ensure the stability and value of the 21 million Parcel coins in circulation.

1 Key Features of zkBud:

  1. Swapping: Through zkBud, you can easily swap your existing assets for Parcel coins. This process facilitates diversification and participation in the growing ecosystem supported by Chia and the zkFarmersDAO treasury.

The Parcel coin's value is secured by the Chia coin generated from zkFarmersDAO's chia farms. This pairing, in conjunction with the treasury, establishes a foundation of stability and sustainability for the Parcel coin ecosystem.

In other words parcel coin gains value from CHIA Hard-Drive Mining.

Staking with CommunityBOB on zkFarmers.io

Staking on zkFarmers.io, known as CommunityBOB, allows users to earn ZKB tokens by staking various community tokens such as Xen, Trunk, MORE token, and others that are available on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon and others networks. Additionally, users can stake NFTs called MetaCards from different NFT communities.

Key Features of Staking on zkFarmers.io:

  1. Staking Tokens: Users can stake community tokens (WDYM, Xen, Trunk, MORE token, etc.) and MetaCards from NFT communities to earn ZKB tokens.

  2. Multi-Network Support: Staking is available for tokens on both BSC, Polygon networks, and more to follow providing users with flexibility and access to a wide range of assets.

  3. ZKB Token Rewards: By staking community tokens and MetaCards, users can earn ZKB tokens as rewards. The more tokens you stake, the higher your potential rewards.

  4. Parcel Token Swapping: As users earn ZKB tokens, they can exchange them for Parcel coins. The number of Parcel coins you can swap for is based on the amount of ZKB tokens earned through staking.

  5. Parcel coins can gain various values including but not limited to Chia farms, NFT sales, advisement sales, sales from farm camping booked tickets & accommodations in Caribbean countries and across Europe, as well as other farming lands across the world. Transaction Fees: When swapping Parcel coins to USDT and other crypto tokens on zkFarmers' DEX (Decentralized Exchange), users should be aware that slippage fees will be associated with the swapping process supporting the overall ecosystem.

Unlocking Staking Features:

To access the staking features on zkFarmers.io, users must have a MetaCard from zkFarmers. The MetaCard serves as a key to unlock and participate in the staking program, allowing users to start earning ZKB tokens and explore the various benefits within the zkFarmers ecosystem.

Example Table for Staking Rewards:

TokenStaking RateZKB Token Rewards


500 XEN = 0.05 ZKB

1000 ZKB/month


1 TRUNK = 0.1 ZKB

750 ZKB/month

MORE token

1 MORE = 0.02 ZKB

500 ZKB/month

NFT MetaCards



  • Note: The staking rates and rewards mentioned in the table are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect the actual rates on zkFarmers.io Dapp.

  • Staking on zkFarmers.io provides an opportunity for users to earn ZKB tokens by staking community tokens and MetaCards. With each ZKB token earned, users can unlock more Parcel tokens, expanding their participation in the ecosystem and benefiting from parcel coin liquidity.

NFT Staking with zkFarmers.io: Unlocking Higher Earning Potential through the Power of NFTs

Staking on zkFarmers.io takes a unique twist by focusing exclusively on NFTs as the primary asset for earning ZKB tokens. By staking NFTs, users can tap into the immense potential that NFTs hold and enjoy even higher earning opportunities within the zkFarmers ecosystem.

Key Features of NFT Staking on zkFarmers.io:

  1. NFT Staking: Users can stake their NFTs on zkFarmers.io to earn ZKB tokens. Unlike traditional token staking, NFT staking brings forward the capabilities and unique attributes that NFTs possess.

  2. Earning Potential: NFT staking unlocks the potential for higher earnings compared to staking tokens alone. The value of NFTs is often driven by their scarcity, utility, and demand within the market, creating opportunities for substantial returns.

  3. ERC-6551 Token Bound Accounts: zkFarmers.io leverages the power of ERC-6551 token bound accounts, enabling NFTs to create their own smart wallets. This empowers NFTs to sign and authorize crypto transactions, providing increased security and control over their associated assets.

  4. Smart Wallet Functionality: With their token bound accounts, NFTs gain the ability to interact with various DeFi protocols, participate in decentralized exchanges, and engage in other crypto transactions. This opens up a world of possibilities for NFT owners, allowing them to explore diverse avenues within the crypto ecosystem.

By staking NFTs on zkFarmers.io, users can leverage the inherent value and utility of their NFTs to earn ZKB tokens. The unique attributes and capabilities of NFTs, combined with the introduction of ERC-6551 token bound accounts and smart wallets, offer exciting opportunities for NFT owners to not only showcase their digital art or collectibles but also actively participate in the financial aspects of the blockchain ecosystem.


Here's an example table showcasing the potential rewards for staking different types of NFTs on zkFarmers.io:

NFT CategoryStaking RateZKB Token Rewards

Art Collectibles

1 NFT = 1000 ZKB

20000 ZKB/month

Gaming Assets

1 NFT = 500 ZKB

15000 ZKB/month

Virtual Real Estate

1 NFT = 1500 ZKB

25000 ZKB/month

Digital Fashion

1 NFT = 800 ZKB

17500 ZKB/month

Note: The staking rates and rewards mentioned in the table are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect the actual rates on zkFarmers.io. The actual rates may vary based on factors such as NFT category, market demand, and platform dynamics.

  • Please keep in mind that the earning potential mentioned in the table is subject to market fluctuations and the performance of the staked NFTs. The value of NFTs can change based on various factors, including market demand and trends. Nevertheless, by embracing NFT staking on zkFarmers.io, you can explore the potential of your NFT assets and participate actively in the vibrant world of digital collectibles.

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